Clarisse Bethel Bio
Major Accomplishments: Once in the United States, she changed careers and went back to school to become a Registered Nurse followed by obtaining her master’s degree in science in nursing with Option Education. During the last 18 years, she has had a career in nursing and begun to build a health care business. Clarisse Bethel launched a home care business in Maryland in 2009, and was a successful business that she runs for eight years. As an efficient nurse entrepreneur; she expands her home care business in northern Virginia, specifically in Loudoun County, as every business owner in this industry she was faced with the issue of nurse shortage in the county. That gave her the drive to open a nursing school. The school was officially open in March 2015 to help solve this major issue of nursing in the county. Clarisse Bethel is multi-lingual.

Career and activities As a Program Director, her principal function are:1. Developing, implementing, teaching, and evaluating the philosophy and objectives of the nursing education program.2. Designing, implementing, training, evaluating, and revising the curriculum.3. Developing and assessing student admission, progression, retention, and graduation within the framework of the controlling institution.

Interesting Facts: Her Nurse Aide Program is the first Private Nursing School in the County of Loudoun. The program is awarded the Best of 2019 Educational Institution. She is working on bringing more programs to the institution for the best care for our county senior and resident.
Nursing assistants, sometimes called nursing aides, help clients with self-care and activities of daily living. They provide skilled nursing care for patients in the Hospitals, Long-Term Care Facilities (Nursing Homes), Assisted Living, Group Homes and Health Agencies.

Short Term Training Course – 6 weeks
Must take and pass the NPAA examination through the Board of Nursing
Job Security: Job Outlook (2019-2024*) – 26%
Growth Financial Stability: Median Salary (2020*) – $25,710 per year / $15 per hour

NA Training Program: 6 weeks training – Monday – Friday
8 AM to 2:30 pm

NA Training Program: 7 weeks training- Monday – Friday
4 pm to 10 pm

NA Training Program: 10 weeks training

$60 for early bird for all classes
Register Medication Administration (RMA) are responsible for administering medication to patients in an assisted living and group home setting. They work closely with health professionals and patients to administer and document medication, reading and transcribing physician orders per facility protocol. Other duties of RMA is to assist patients with their activities of daily living. In addition to physical support, RMA is compassionate and supportive to the patient and their family.
Short Term Training – 3 week course
Weekend & Week - 9 am to 5p m

Work in Different Settings
(ie: Assisted Living and Group Home)

Job Security
Financial Stability: Median Salary (2019*) – $26,400 per year / $16.00 per hour
Medication Technician Training (CMT)

This certification is provided through the Virginia State Board of Nursing. The Board of Nursing has approved Clarys CNA training center to offer the 32 hours of training to include the 4 hours of G-Tube and Insulin administration. This program is based on the curriculum of the Board of Nursing. The Board of Nursing has designed this curriculum to provide practical training for persons providing personal care aide services to In-Home Care/Group Homes, Day Care and Assisted Living facilities

CMT Training Program:
Monday through Thursday 8 am – 4 pm
Personal care aides—also called caregivers —help clients with self-care and activities of daily living. Personal care aides perform tasks that are like those of home health aides. However, personal care aides cannot provide any skilled nursing services. They also provide holistic care and assistance that enable clients to regain minimum functioning in their home.

Short Term Training Course – 1 week
Work in Different Settings (ie: group homes, homes, senior centers)
Job Security: Job Outlook (2014-2024*) – 26% growth
Financial Stability: Median Salary (2016*) – $22,965 per year / $12.09 per hour
CPR / First Aid Training
This class provides quality training for CPR/First Aid to aim to increase awareness and confidence in performing emergency response on patients with cardiac arrest. We offer a range of safety courses, teach new skills, keep knowledge up to date, ready to respond in any emergency. Our classes are hands-on in a classroom setting

4 HOURS – First Time certification 3 HOURS – Renewal